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A Biological Solution for Ammonia

About Ammo Curb

Ammonia originates in the pond as a result of the microbial decomposition of solid organic wastes such as the remains of feed, feces, dead plankton, dead aquatic plants and animals.

Ammonia will be released into the pond system as a result of the activity of the enzyme urease on uric acid. In addition, ammonia is excreted directly into the water as an end product of protein metabolism by the shrimp, fish and other aquatic animals.

Ammonia assumes two chemical forms in water

a. Unionized ammonia (NH3)

b. Ammonium ion NH4 The toxicity of ammonia is attributed to the unionized ammonia. The safe level of ammonia for shrimps is below 0.1 ppm.

Benefits of Ammo Curb

Ammo Curb eliminates ammonia from the pond bottom and relieves stress caused due to the build up of ammonia gas.

Ammo Curb improves feed intake, induces molting and growth.

Ammo Curb helps relieve stress and improves survival rate.

Ammo Curb improves water quality

Ammo Curb is biodegradable, non-toxic and has no withdrawal periods.

Composition of Ammo Curb

Ammo Curb contains extract of the plant Yucca schidigera and fortified with nitrifying bacteria.

Dosage of Ammo Curb Ammo Curb is recommended at the rate of 300-500 gms /acre.