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•The increased concern about the non usage of antibiotics has compelled the researches to the other non therapeutic alternatives like enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, essential oils, immune stimulants and organic acids as feed additives in shrimp production.

What is Biocare – VW?

• Bio care – VW is a mixture of Organic acids, Alkaloids etc…

• Organic acids are not antibiotics but if used correctly they can prove powerful in maintaining the health of the Shrimp.

•Not all organic acids have effect on Gut Micro flora.

Mode of action of Biocare - VW

• Organic acids – Bio care VW decreases the ph value in the gut which is help full for the growth of favorable bacteria simultaneously hampering the growth of pathogenic bacteria which grow relatively at higher ph.

• Organic acids – Bio care VW considered to be any organic carboxylic acid including fatty acids, amino acids with a general structure of R-COOH.

•Organic acids which have effective are having anti microbial activity are short chain acids(c1- c7) and or either simple mono carboxylic acid such as formic, acetic, prop ionic and butyric acids and carboxylic acids bearing hydroxyl group such as lactic, malice, tartaric and citric acid.

• The un dissociated organic acids pass through the cell membrane of bacteria from H+ ions which lowers the ph of the bacterial cell causing the organism to use its energy to restore the normal Balance.

• Where as the RCOO- an ions produced from the acid can disrupt DNA, hampering the protein synthesis and causing stress on the organism eventually bacteria can not multiply and decreases their number.

• Due to anti Microbial effect Biocare-VW inhibit the intestinal bacterial and reduces the toxic metabolites.

• Biocare-VW improve the Protein and Energy digestibility and improves the growth rate of the Shrimp.

•Biocare –VW contains an alkaloid called Allicin as strong anti bacterial effect.

•Allicin helps in digestion boost immune system and neutralize the pre-radical scavengers and strengthen the immune system of the Shrimp

•Allicin can destroy the Biofilm and wipe out wide range of bacterial species such as vibrio and fungal infections .

Objectives of the Biocare – VW

•Biocare –VW reduces the population of the Vibrio sps in the gut of the shrimp through anti microbial activity

•Biocare – VW favors the growth of use full bacteria such as lactic acid bacillus.

•Biocare –VW improve the Digestion of Protein

•Biocare –VW increases the assimilation of the digested feed / Energy.

•Biocare –VW maintains over all health of the shrimp and improves the growth rate, lowers the FCR

•Increases the survival rate and prevents mass mortality due to pathogens.

Biocare – VW Dosage

•Under normal condition :- 2 - 5 grms/kg of feed twice a day for 3 - 5 once in 15 days.

•During stress condition :- 5 – 10 grms/kg of feed twice a day continuously for 10 days.

Note : Since Biocare – VW is a organic nature leaves no residue and is 100% recommended and safe No Antibiotics are added

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Biomed Techno ventures was established in the year 2003 with a mission to the manufacturers of bio technology based products to distribute, promote and market their products to a wide range of farmers in India.