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Gill flukes can be most distractive of all parasites known to fresh water fish. We can’t see them without a microscope.

They gather in groups at the opening of the gills and feed of the tender tissue. Left unchecked flukes can cause bacterial gill disease and make it almost impossible for the fish to dissolve oxygen in to the blood through the gills. They actually carry harmful bacteria with them. They drill holes into the skin and gill of the fish and leave harmful bacteria.This terms in to ulcer disease.

Head hanging and gasping for air alone with flashing may indicate the presents of gill flukes, because the fish are obviously not getting enough oxygen.

1)Dactonil destroys gill flukes
2)Dactonil prevents secondary infection caused by gill flukes
3)Dactonil prevents formation of ulcers.

Doctonil is a bebzimidazole derivative, it is mixture of [Methyl -5-(Phenylthio)-2- benzimidazol  carbamate] and Methyl -5,benzoyl -2- benzimidazol carbamatic acid methyuyl ester.

100 gr/1 M.T of fish for 3 to 5 days base on degree of infection

1 kg & 5 kg pouch

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