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What is Eco-care HS?

Eco care is Probiotic designed for semi–intensive and intensive shrimp culture to suite the tropical environment

What is a Probiotic?

Probiotic organisms are living micro organisms thought to be beneficial to the host organisms or the environment where they live and grow.

Why Probiotics are required ?

There is an urgent need in aqua culture to develop microbial control strategies, since the disease out breaks are recognized as important constraint in Aqua culture Production .

Since the development of sanitizer resistance has become a matter of growing concern, one of the alternatives to anti microbial in disease control could be the use of Probiotic bacteria – Eco care HS

Bacterial strains in Eco-care HS

Bacterial strains in Eco-care HS Thiobacillus
Bacillus lichiniformis Aspergilus niger
Bacillus megaterium Aspergilus avomorii
Bacillus megaterium  
Lacticacid bacillus  

Objectives of Eco care- HS

Eco-care maintains natural ecological balance of the pond water.

Eco-care optimizes physical and chemical parameters.

Eco-care controls chemical pollutants such as Ammonia, Nitrite and Hydrogen sulphide etc….

Eco-care controls population of vibrioharvi by a process called competitive Exclusion.

Eco-care by stabilizing ph and reduces the risk of white spot virus.

Why only Eco-care HS?

Eco-care HS contains selected micro organisms which can tolerate high, low salinity and can multiply rapidly due to specialized formulation thus competing with disease causing bacteria such as vibrio for nutrients like carbon, nitrogen energy there by restricting the rate of multiplication vibrio population.

Eco care with secretion of certain enzymes (Amylase, peptidase etc…) break down the organic pollutants such as NH3, NO2 and H2S and convert them in to safer substances

Enhance the natural cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus, which helps in reduction of toxic gases and maintains stable bloom

Eco care increases natural bio flock population there by decreases the F.C.R.

Eco care maintains the over all health of the Prawn

How to Apply

Soak Eco-care HS in clean water for 30 minutes in apply evenly in the entire pond


Dosage: At 1 TO 1.2M Water depth/1HA or 10000 SP.M

Date of Usage 10 – 20 pl/sq.m 20 to 40 pl/sq.m
During Pond Preparation 1000 gm – 1500 gm 1500 gm to 2000 gm
From 10 days of cultured once in every 10 days 500 gm – 750 gm 750 gm – 1200 gm
Total Qty in Kg/Crop/ha 7 kg – 10.5 kg 10.5 kg – 16.4 kg

Strength of ECO-CARE HS
20 Billion CFU/gm