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Poor water quality in fish ponds impact the health of the fish. Poor water quality is caused by the nutrient load from land run off, chemical pollutants and the face of the fish. These excess nutrients and chemicals disturbs the natural bacterial population that normally would keep the Aquatic environment in balanced state. Resulting in formation of sludge, increase algal bloom, decrease oxygen levels. This condition leads to incidence of disease, poor growth and increased mortality.

The bacterial technologies involved in Eco safe improve the water quality. While reducing the un wanted algae.Ecosafe helps in completion of nitrogen cycle in fish ponds.

Bacteria present in Eco – Safe degrade sludge and pollutants.
Bacteria present in Eco – Safe Completes Nitrogen Cycle and eliminate toxic gases such as NH3 and NO2
Eco- safe maintains Eco-logical balance and helps in controlling harmful algae and bacteria.
Eco – safe increases the growth and survival rate.
Eco – safe helps in reduction of usage of chemicals


1 kg/ Acre/Once in a month


1 kg & 5 kg pouch

About Biomed

'Biomed Techno Ventures'
Biomed Techno ventures was established in the year 2003 with a mission to the manufacturers of bio technology based products to distribute, promote and market their products to a wide range of farmers in India.