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What is N-BIND?

N-Bind is a gel forming galactomannan


• Binders play a vital role in treating the shrimp with different products like immune stimulants, gut probiotic, pre biotic etc…

• When these additives are added to the feed good quality and efficient binders are essential for proper binding and greater attractability of the feed.

• N-Bind is pure natural binder (100% free of CMC) rich in carbohydrates and ensures maximum retention of therapeutics given to the feed.

Properties of N-Bind

1. When mixed with water N-Bind(galactomannan) forms a viscous colloidal solution.

2.N-Bind (Galactomannan) is soluble is water, which is colorless and tasteless.

3.N-Bind is easily digestible because of the following.

a. 75% carbohydrates.

b. Because of dilatory fiber.

4.N-Bind enhances the mineral absorption

5. N-Bind improves the internal micro flora.

Preparation and Application of N-Bind

Mix 1 gram of N-Bind in 30 ml of fresh water and mix properly to form a gel. Add the gel to the additives mixed feed as a top coat and dry the feed in sun shade.

O2 Plus
(Granulated Oxygen Enhancer)

O2 Plus is a sustained oxygen releasing compound

Oxygen is very essential for existence of life except for some bacteria and viruses.

Oxygen is liberated in water (in aqua culture ponds) mainly by phytoplankton.

Composition of O2 Plus

O2 Plus is mixture of Calcium peroxide, Perborate, Perchlorates etc.

Benefits of O2 Plus

O2 Plus increase the D.O. levels in the pond water.

O2 Plus with is oxidizing capacity converts

toxic substances into non-toxic substances.

O2 Plus increases growth rate.

O2 Plus increase the survival rate.

O2 Plus reduces the parasites like zoothamnium.

Dosage of O2 Plus 500 gm – 1 kg / Acre or based on oxygen level.

About Biomed

'Biomed Techno Ventures'
Biomed Techno ventures was established in the year 2003 with a mission to the manufacturers of bio technology based products to distribute, promote and market their products to a wide range of farmers in India.