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Fish lice (Argulus) have a flattened, oval body, which is almost entirely covered by a wide carapace. These compound eyes are prominent. The first pair of antennae are modified to form a hokked, spiny proboscis armed with suckers. The four pairs of thorasic appendages which are used to swim when not attached to the host.Argulus leave the fish up to three weeks in order to make and lay eggs and reattack the fish where they feed on muscule are pierce the skin and feed on the internal fluids.

They multiply and attack the fish, burrowing in slightly so they can feed on the fish. They feed by using a straw like structure in to the fish injecting digestive enzymes and then sucking put the liquifed flesh. This causes great irritation to the fish, and cause dangerous bacterial infection.

The fish will scratch against objects and flash in an effort to remove the parasites.

1) ResQ Kills Argulus
2) ResQ prevents secondary bacterial infection
3) ResQ prevents formation of ulcerls.
4) ResQ helps the fish grow faster & increase the survival.


ResQ Contains a product which inhibits the moulting cycle and destroys the growth and leading to an eventual mortality


100gr/ 1 M.T Biomas for one day.


1 kg & 5 kg pouch.

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