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Ammonia and Nitrite converter

What is REVIVE?

Revive is a Probiotic based Ammonia and Nitrite converter

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is a highly toxic gas.

Forms of Ammonia

In aqua culture Ponds ammonia exists in two forms

• NH3 (Un – Ionized and Toxic)

•NH4 (Ionized and Non Toxic)

How Ammonia forms in Aqua ponds?

•Ammonia is an Excretory product of shrimp

•Ammonia is produced by Microbial decay of organic matter such as uneaten feed , dead phyto and Zooplankton.

How Toxic Ammonia?

> The un ionized Ammonia (NH3) is more Toxic and the levels of un ionized Ammonia is more than 1Mg/1ltr of water is potentially lethal

> Concentration above 0.1Mg/1ltr may adversely effect the Growth

If total Ammonia is 1Mg/1ltr at 9 Ph & 20%0 salinity

Then the Un Ionized Ammonia is 0.25Mg/Ltr

There fore the total ammonia concentration 0.4mg/ltr can negatively effect the growth when Ph is high.


•No doubt Nitrite is a toxic gas but toxicity levels are yet to be recorded

•But the growth may be adversely effected if the concentrations are above 4 or 5 mg/ltr (Boyd and fast 1992)


•This substance is extremely toxic to shrimp.

•Any detectable concentrations probably has adverse effects on Growth

How is H2S is produced?

•It is produced by a chemical reduction of organic matter that accumulates and forms a thick layer of organic deposits at the pond bottom.

•The bottom soil turns Black and rotten smell is discharged if pond bottom is distributed. (Using iron oxide 70% to treat the pond bottom soil would not economical to treat the high levels of H2S.

Mode of Ammonia Excretion By Shrimps

•In an Aqua tech environment the shrimp excretes ammonia which is the primary nitrogenous waste mainly by diffusion of NH3 and NH4 through the gills.

•Ammonia is also formed by ammonification of organic compounds like feces and uneaten feed.

How Ammonia kills the Shrimps?

•If the Ammonia levels of the Pond water is high than the level of the ammonia will be high in the blood of the shrimp, Ammonia from the pond water diffuses in to the Blood of the Shrimp.

•There fore the level of the Ammonia in the Blood of the Shrimp rises above lethal level and Leeds to mass mortality

How to control Ammonia, Nitrite, and H2S?

•The Only and effective method to control NH3, NH4, NO2, H2S is convert their toxic forms in to non toxic forms by bacterial therapy - REVIVE

•Revive is a blend of highly selective nitrifying, denitrifying, Sulpher solubuising bacteria. •Revive helps in converting the above toxic gases through nitrogen cycle which is mentioned above.

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