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Red Disease or Red-Sore Disease is also known as Hemorrhagic septicemia or Ulcer disease caused by several types of Aeromonas bacteria. The most common is Aeromonas hydrophila. Which is a gram negative rod shaped bacterium.Pure water quality such as high nutrient levels, low dissolved oxygen levlels (D.O) or high levels of carbon dioxide (Co2) are more susceptible to infection by aeromonas hydrophila. There is no single physicalor behavirol sign for aeromonas infection. Infected fish have small pinpoint Hemorrhages at the base of the finsor on the skin, distended abdomen and protruding eyes, lack apetite, pale gills and ulcerations.

Internal signs include fluid in the abdomin, swolen liver and spleen any the intestine is distended and filled with fluid. If the Aeromonas infection persists as a chronic problem. It is important to make an effort to determine if an underlying stress factor is causing the fish to have unsufficient immune protection from the bacteria. Evaluate the water quality, nutrition deficiencies in any of these areas could lead to Aeromonas infection.


Controls Aeromonas infection/Red sore Disease.
Maintain over all weather of fish.


Aeromonas hydrophila deactivation bacteria with useful Herbs & Minerals.


1 Kg/ ton of feed for 3 days

Presentation :

5 kg. Bag.