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Oxygen is very essential for existance of life except for some bacteria and viruses. Oxygen is liberated in water (in aqua culture ponds) mainly by phytoplankton.

During day time phytoplankton liberates oxygen and consumes Carbon-di-oxide due to photosynthesis activity. In general oxygen levels in aquaculture pond should be 5-6 ppm.

But during the night time the oxygen levels will come down to 3-4 ppm.

When there is a heavy biomass and cloudy weather oxygen levels will go down to as low as 2 ppm resulting in mass mortalities.

O2 plus is a compound which immediately increases the oxygen levels in the pond thus preventing the mass mortalities.

Benefits :
O2 plus increase the D.O levels in the pond water.
O2 plus with its oxidizing capacity converts toxic substances into non-toxic substances.
O2 plus increases growth rate.,
O2 plus increase the survival rate.
O2 plus reduces the parasites like zoothamnium.

Composition :
A mixture of Calcium peroxide, Perborate, Perchlorates etc.
O2 plus because of its granular form reaches pond bottom and releases oxygen for a
longer period
O2 plus is granulated and easy for application.

Dosage :
500 gm - 1 kg / Acre or based on oxygen level.

Presentation :
1 kg, 2 kg &
20 kg.

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